Why choose us for quality handmade products from Ghana?

Quality at a fair price.

Ties to Ghana is dedicated to providing high-quality African ties, skirts, dresses, and many other items of clothing for both men and women. We provide woven and handmade ties, wrap-around skirts, African dresses, woven baskets, fabric ties, etc. If you are looking for quality ties to elevate your style and fashion, look no further than Ties to Ghana.

Gorgeous ties and handmade clothes.

Ties to Ghana is a small company that ties you in knots with their gorgeous ties and handmade clothes from Ghana. The ties are hand-woven by people who have been weaving for generations. We also offer woven baskets, African skirts made of fabric strips, and wrap-around skirts.

Ties to Ghana

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A variety of prints.

We have ties in all sorts of prints and colors. You can find ties with beautiful shades of blue, green, orange, yellow, red-black, and brown. Some ties are made of silk, and others have bold patterns such as leopard prints. Our ties can be worn with any style of outfit. They look great for an office meeting or a night out. We have ties for every occasion.

Ties to Ghana

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Bolga baskets

Starts From 30$

Bolga baskets are a popular woven basket in Ghana, made from the fibers of cocoa pods. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on what they will be used for. The Bolga baskets have been around for centuries with ties to both the Akan people and Asante peoples and traders from Europe. These baskets were always seen at markets because they are lightweight but sturdy enough for carrying heavy items like raw cane sugar, rice, salt, or large stacks of okra leaves. If you fancy these types of baskets for your groceries or market days, choose one from our store.

Bolga Baskets.
Bolga baskets.

African dresses

Starts From 50$

African dresses are pivotal to Ghana’s culture. They originate from all over Africa and have an important meaning in African society that can’t be ignored. There is a certain measure of dignity given by African clothing, which separates it from other traditional dressings. Some countries wear different styles for different occasions – wedding outfits, everyday clothes – but they’re always rooted in heritage and tradition.

African dresses.
African dresses.

Fabric ties from Ghana

Starts From 20$

These ties are made from fabric ties in Ghana. The ties come in many different colors, patterns, and sizes, so there’s something perfect for everyone. These ties are woven by hand, so they are very durable and made to last.

We also have ties that are woven from fabrics with a more traditional African print on them. These ties come in black, white, and green designs with tribal motifs like elephants, giraffes, or zebras. Ties to Ghana have ties for the whole family.

Fabric Ties
Fabric ties from Ghana.

Why are we a leading store for quality ties?

We use natural materials and traditional African sewing techniques that have been passed down through generations. The ties are handwoven from cotton, silk, or hemp yarns to create beautiful ties with a unique look and feel.

Ties to Ghana are for the fashion-conscious person who wants something different – handmade in Africa. These include ties, skirts, dresses made of quality fabric in your choice of colors.

It’s an honor for us to be able to share these beautifully woven and handmade ties with you. They’re true pieces of Ghanaian artistry so take time when browsing our website because we want you to find just what will work best for you.

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