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Africa is one of the most fascinating places on earth. From its vast wildlife to its rich culture, Africa is a place that will never cease to amaze and fascinate people all over the world. One thing that you cannot miss when visiting Africa is African clothing. Ghanaian fashion has been in existence for centuries and has ties to both West African traditions as well as European influences due to colonialism.

African dresses are a great way to show heritage and celebrate your culture. If you are looking for African dresses, then Ties to Africa is the place to go. We offer a variety of different styles as well as prints so that no matter what you like or where you want to wear it, there’s something for everyone.


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Why are African Dresses Trendy?

African dresses are trendy because they are quite different from the clothing you see in the Western world. Our dresses are often bright, patterned, and have vibrant colors. This attire typically features flowing fabric that’s accentuated through sheer fabrics or embroidery to show off a woman’s curves.

These dresses have been adopted by stylish celebs who don’t want their wardrobe conformist-looking like everyone else; Beyonce famously wore an Ankara design dress for her pregnancy announcement photoshoot, Rihanna loves them too she was sporting leopard print pants at the Costume Institute Gala in New York.

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Ankara dresses are great because they’re such a neutral dress. They, of course, can be worn for any occasion but it’s also an easy-to-wear option that could be dressed up or down depending on what you’re going to do with the rest of your outfit. And then there’s Aso Ebi which is a beautiful Nigerian style that is made up of an Ankara fabric. Aso Ebi dresses are very attractive and they’re perfect for any occasion, but especially formal occasions like weddings and graduations because their bright colors make them stand out.

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African dresses from Ties to Ghana are the best. The African designs that you will find at our shop have been woven and stitched by local artisans in Ghana, so they have some authentic ties to Africa. The variety of styles is what makes these dresses perfect for any occasion: formal occasions, wedding receptions, ceremonies, galas, or more casual events or occasions like baby showers or outdoor parties on the patio, etc.

Wrap-around skirts

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Wrap-around skirts have ties that are used to hold the skirt in place. They typically range from knee-length during warmer months and ankle or calf-length during colder months. There are many wrap-around skirts, including full wrap-around dresses called “Kente,” which originated in Ghana. These skirts can also be worn for any occasion.

Wrap-around skirts.

We offer different styles, prints, colors, materials so you can find something that suits your needs perfectly – whether it’s work or play. Our handmade Ghanaian designs reflect traditional weaving techniques while being made from modern-day fabrics such as silk satin and cotton voile which makes them not only durable but comfortable too.

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