Bolga baskets

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Bolga baskets are a popular woven basket in Ghana, made from the fibers of cocoa pods. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on what they will be used for. The Bolga baskets have been around for centuries with ties to both the Akan people and Asante peoples and traders from Europe. These baskets were always seen at markets because they are lightweight but sturdy enough for carrying heavy items like raw cane sugar, rice, salt, or large stacks of okra leaves. If you fancy these types of baskets for your groceries or market days, choose one from our store.

Bolga Baskets.
Bolga baskets.

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Handmade Bolga Baskets

Ghana is a nation of many cultures and traditions. One of the most popular ways to showcase this African pride is through homemade baskets woven by hand. There’s no better way to experience Ghana than by purchasing handmade Bolga baskets from Ties To Ghana. Are you looking for an African homemade basket? Look no further than one from Ties to Ghana.

We are an online store with all sorts of different types of homemade or handcrafted items, including African homemade baskets from Ghana. Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone special, we have the perfect basket for every need. We provide a wide variety of the best styles and handmade baskets and homemade baskets.


A brief history about Bolga baskets.

Bolga baskets are traditionally woven by women in Ghana, and they are used for carrying goods or items. These baskets are homemade and handwoven baskets made with natural materials like grasses, palm leaves, bamboo strips, and sometimes even dried banana plants. The name “bolga” means “to carry” in the Yoruba language.

The Ghanaian people had been making homemade baskets made from grasses and palm leaves for generations when a couple of British missionaries arrived with new weaving techniques to improve their skills. They could make improvements by using traditional methods and inventing new ways to create the perfect design.

This “basket renaissance” led to the Bolga basket being among the most popular homemade baskets in Ghana. In addition, this led to a new tradition of weaving that is handed down from generation to generation and has become one of Africa’s treasures and an integral part of Ghanaian culture.

A Bolga basket for different uses

There are many different occasions where you might need a Bolga basket. These include but not limited to:

  • You can use them for gift baskets, homemade food baskets, and even wedding decor.
  • A bolga is the perfect size to carry fruit or vegetables from your garden all winter long. They’re also great for storing holiday decorations there too.
  • They’re also perfect in the kitchen. You can store potatoes, onions, and more all at once with just a few baskets.
  • You can even use homemade bolga baskets in your home decor. They’re perfect for displaying fresh flowers, dried herbs, and other pretty things while still functional.

Ties To Ghana offers a wide variety of homemade African baskets from our vast collection, so there should be something for everyone. Our homemade gifts are made with love, and we take care of each order personally, which means no two will ever look alike, just like your house or gardens. We ship internationally, too, so get those orders now.

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